Meanjin Quarterly
Illustration accompanying a short story, ‘Making Rain’ by M. L. Siemienowicz in the winter 2019 edition of Australian literary journal Meanjin Quarterly.
Going Down Swinging Online
Illustration accompanying an essay published on Australian literary journal website, Going Down Swinging. This fantastic essay titled 'Singing In Public, Not For The Public, But Not For Oneself' was written by Christopher O'Neill.
T-Mix Melbourne Emporium
Illustration in store displaying iconic Melbourne landmarks adorning the wall of Emporium T-Mix store.
Wireless BioMed Implants Scientific Illustration
Illustration for scientific paper exploring the technical specifics of wirelessly powered biomedical implants and wireless data transmission on power signal.
Meanjin Quarterly
Illustration accompanying a short story, ‘Pushing Back’ by John Kinsella in the summer 2017 edition of Australian literary journal Meanjin Quarterly.
Cruciaverbalist Magazine
The Cruciaverbalist is a Cryptic Crossword publication. These illustrations are featured in the issues as visual cryptic puzzles.
Subject Tracking
Illustration for scientific paper exploring the application of wirelessly powered implants and data retrieval in lab conditions utilising subject tracking for localised power supply resulting in lower electromagnetic interference.
Show Me Your Knits
Cover illustration for short graphic novel.
Pet Portraiture Jezebel
Watercolour Pet portrait on 300gsm archival cotton paper.
Murmur Cocktail Board
Cocktail menu board illustration.
Dyröh Character Design
Creature character design for film.
Mars Exhibition
Group exhibition focusing on the subject of Mars and its role and meaning within the social collective consciousness.
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